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Managing bus stations is a challenge requiring comprehensive knowledge of both station operations, station infrastructure management, co-operation with carriers and personnel management.

Our many years of experience and our role as the operator of one of the largest bus stations in Europe in terms of the number of check-ins has enabled us to become a leader in the development and operation of bus stations in Poland. 


We address our consultancy and training offer to private and public station managers. We prepare and adapt each training to the individual needs of the client and the nature of the station building. During training, we share our practical knowledge taking into account current statutory requirements for bus station managers.

Our offer includes:

1. Analysis of project documentation,

2. Co-operation in meeting the statutory requirements for the station,

3. Training in operators’ and passenger handling,

4. Consultation in the development of the station documentation,

5. Advising on the selection of an operating system to manage station operations,

6. Consultancy on the choice of I.T. hardware under the operating system to manage station operations,

7. Consultancy on the optimal deployment of station monitoring.


We offer access to the original operating system for station management in the form of a licence to use the software under the name Motor Transport Platform.

The system has been on the market since 2016. So far it has been implemented at bus stations in Cracow, Nowy Sącz, Kielce and Brzesko. It is not only a tool for managing bus check-ins but also components for the traffic orderlies that monitor the station’s traffic in real-time and verify the compatibility of timetables with the current check-in schedule, including a passenger information system in the form of stand-by timetables, a fixed timetable or a summary of arrivals and departures. It also has an extensive module for managing entrances and exits from the station facility, integrating with the local barrier and the station’s internal car park.

The platform is constantly being developed and adapted to the current needs of both bus operators and passengers. 

We look forward to working with you.

Piotr Kulpiński,

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