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MDA Bus Station in Cracow is located in the very centre of the city at  18 Bosacka Street, about 15 minutes walk from Main Square. Thanks to its convenient connection with the PKP railway station, the Cracow Fast Tram stops, city transport lines and the Balice Airport, the MDA Bus Station in Cracow is part of the Cracow Transport Centre.

Ticket offices

At the station are available9 ticket offices:

The ticket offices handle domestic and international ticket sales.

  • 6  offices are in the main terminal
  • 3 offices are on the lower platform.

By purchasing a ticket at the ticket office, passengers are guaranteed a seat on the bus.

Tickets are sold no later than 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.

At the ticket offices, passengers can purchase a ticket for services departing from both the bus station in Cracow and Nowy Sącz.

Ticket offices are open seven days a week:

  • Ticket offices in the station building are open
    Monday – Sunday 06:00 – 20:45
  • Ticket offices on the lower platform are open
    Monday – Sunday 05:45 – 21:00

For selected routes, it is possible to purchase a ticket 30 days before the planned journey.

Monthly tickets are sold for selected routes.

Passenger information

Information on the buses departing from the MDA Bus Station in Cracow are available at:

  • an information desk located in the main building of the station
    that is open seven days a week:

    Monday – Friday 06:00 – 21:00
    Saturday – Sunday 06:00 – 20:00
  • or on passenger helpline at 577 575 714.

Helpline for callers from mobile phones and domestic landlines.

The helpline is open seven days a week:

Monday – Friday 06:00 – 19:00
Saturday 07:00 – 17:00
Sunday holidays 09:00 – 19:00

Connection cost in accordance with the operator’s tariff.


The current timetable is displayed 24 hours a day on the information board in the station’s main building and on the screens located on the upper and lower platforms.

Announcements about the times and departure stands of the buses are also broadcast regularly by the traffic orderlies (Monday – Sunday  06:00 – 22:00).

There is also an electronic board in the main hall displaying the full timetable of buses departing from the station.

The passengers can use the online journey planner available at The search engine will help you plan your journey in detail by providing the time and route of your trip and the price and availability of tickets currently on sale at MDA ticket offices. is also an online sales platform, enabling the quick and efficient purchase of tickets for selected connections.


To ensure the safety of passengers using the services of the station, we operate a total of 135 CCTV cameras. In addition, the safety of passengers is guarded by the station security service around the clock.

In the station’s main building – opposite the ticket offices – there is available AED defibrillator – a device for first aid.

Public dispensers with hand disinfectants are available at the station.


The MDA bus station in Cracow has 40 stands, located on the lower and upper platform of the station:

  • 38 departure stands
    (upper platform stands G1-G19 and lower platform stands D1-D18)
  • 2 arrival stands on the lower platform
    (D19 and D20) and
  • 3 arrival stands on the upper platform
    (G12, G13, G13a)

From stand G13a on the upper platform, depart buses to Katowice Pyrzowice International Airport.



Passengers waiting for a bus departure can use the waiting room located in the station’s main building, available seven days a week from 6:00 to 22:00.

From 22:00 to 6:00, a separate night waiting room with access to current information about departures and 24/7 toilets is available for passengers.

The entrance to the night waiting room is on the side of the upper floor.


Passengers can use free WIFI in the station building.

Network name: mda_free


There are numerous service points in the station area, including a bistro, bakery, grocery shop, kiosk and exchange office.


Luggage lockers temporarily unavailable. We invite you to the luggage storage.
There are 24-hour luggage lockers in the station building at the entrances from the upper platform. The rules on how to use them can be found on the lockers. It is possible to pay with coins or a payment card.

Price list:
Large locker: 14.00 PLN/24 h
Small locker: 12.00 PLN/24 h
Golf type locker: 16.00 PLN/24 h
Ski locker: 16.00 PLN/24 h


There is a luggage storage in the station building at the entrance from Wita Stwosza Street. It is open seven days a week: Monday – Sunday 06:00 – 21:45.

Price list (per day):
Luggage size S: 14.00 PLN
Luggage size M: 15.00 PLN
Luggage size L: 16.00 PLN
Luggage size XL: 17.00 PLN
Clothes: 5,00 PLN
Umbrella: 3,00 PLN


The entrance to the station building is conveniently accessible from ul. Lubomirskiego. On the premises, there are four lifts to facilitate movement between the upper and lower platforms of the station.

The station employees also offer their help in moving around the facility.

For staff assistance, please call during the business hours: 6:00 – 22:00 on tel: 12 351 82 21.


In the railway station area, there are five cash machines.

  • Three cash machines are in the main building of the station.
  • One cash machine is on the upper platform (at departure stand G 15).
  • One cash machine is at the entrance to the lower platform of the station.

Complaints and claims

To make a complaint or claim, please complete the appropriate online form

Completing and submitting a complaint or written complaint is only possible at our stations:

  • in Cracow at the information desk,
  • in Nowy Sącz at the ticket office.

The time limit for lodging a claim/complaint is 14 days from when the circumstances giving rise to the claim/complaint arose. We will answer you within 30 days of the receipt by MDA of a correctly submitted and complete complaint/complaint.

A prerequisite for the substantive examination of an application is:

  • filling in all the information on the form
  • using the online option (attaching a scan of your ticket)
  • In writing (attaching the original ticket to the completed form)


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